Day 14: January Mindful Writing Challenge

Cold, moist air mixes with dust particles at high altitude. Clouds form. Their grey hue thickens under the weight of their substance. Then precipitation comes. Slowly at first. But more and more follows. Golf-ball size lumps of crystals clinging together on their decent like skydivers falling from a plane. They land softly and without a sound. They settle. Layer upon layer. Microscopic flakes rest, one on top of another, condensing. Until everything is covered. Nothing is spared. Nothing is sacred. Then more snow falls. Every fresh fall is billions and billions of flakes. Each flake unique. No two are the same, except in one fascinating detail. Every snowflake is geometrically perfect. They are Nature’s pure design.



About malekmontag

I am a writer and a wage-slave, and proud father of George Giraffe. I live in the UK, but I exist everywhere. My first stories were published this year (2016) in Short Stories and Tall Tales (Atla Publishing). Follow me on Twitter @Malek_Montag15. My Work is also available on
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One Response to Day 14: January Mindful Writing Challenge

  1. SM Jenkin says:

    A beautiful piece, and what a photo! Haunting


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