Small stone – Refracted light

Rain eased off eventually and I ventured out. At full steam I headed for the station, and stopped in my tracks. Rising from Earth arched the clearest rainbow I had seen in years. Painted against a charcoal canvass each spectrum of the bow stood proud. Cloud beyond red held a foreboding hue, and a fainter rainbow played on its surface. Below the blues the shade of grey held less menace, as though the sun was looking down a tunnel and illuminated the far end. That refracted white light became obscured as I boarded a train and the brightness at the rainbow’s apex faded away.

NOKIA Lumia 800_001275

Image copyright: Malek Montag


About malekmontag

I am a writer and a wage-slave, and proud father of George Giraffe. I live in the UK, but I exist everywhere. My first stories were published this year (2016) in Short Stories and Tall Tales (Atla Publishing). Follow me on Twitter @Malek_Montag15. My Work is also available on
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One Response to Small stone – Refracted light

  1. SM Jenkin says:

    I love this “Cloud beyond red” so much implied


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