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LaSasha Flame presents “Forbidden Fruit” a collection of hot tales for your satisfaction coming soon. Look out for my contribution…


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It’s out now!

“She stepped back, moved away from me.

“You know, you need to let go,” she said: “What have you got to lose? Hey? Release your urges, go with your instincts.”

A brooding darkness hurried in through the naked window. She smiled, and a slight laugh escaped her as she went over to the sofa. In the drawing dark, I watched her bum writhe in the short skirt and all I wanted to do was unleash my urges on her clothing, on the fabric keeping her body from mine.

Switching on the sidelight, she sat down. She sipped her whiskey as she stared at me. A hand rose from the sofa’s arm and an index finger beckoned me to her…”

From Voyeur appearing in…


My first collection of erotica, three short stories of love, lust and pure adult fun is available from the indie publisher,, at £4.99

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

Got yours today and enjoy the night…


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(  Mexico-Street-Art)




Pieces of eight, pieces of nine,

pieces of china lying scattered on the floor,

left in a ley of line.

My mind is in pieces,


vague remnants of thoughts,

iterating incoherently in the vast

universe of my head,

in a blank space of noir

helplessly holding on against the onrushing tide

of nothingness gripping one outcrop of image

reaching an outstretched hand for the semblance of another.

Whither me?

I, myself, alone in a night of my dreams,

a sleep-walker treading where fear has fled

having laid to waste my black-earth creativity.



Malek Montag

Rochester, 2017


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Those Delicious Summer Moments


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Brooding, moody high

Low sky charcoal dense, and wet

With sweet summer rain


Sultry sweat on sheets

Damp under boiling skin on

Long hot steaming nights


Another year draws near its end

another delicious summer of your conception

as a whirlwind to a tall, dark tower,

an impetuous storm breaking in every direction

while I stand watching over you,

staring at a mirror, seeing me in your reflection.



Malek Montag,

Rochester, 2017

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American Gods


You know you’ve read a great book when you close it for the last time and feel like a distant member of your family has passed on, or you sit in your favourite chair, place, restaurant and stare at a wall wishing you’d written that.

For me, Neil Gaiman’s weighty wander through wintery Wisconsin, and other parts of The States, fits in with my pantheon of ‘greats’ that includes Evgene Zamyatin’s We; Mikhial Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita; Angela Carter’s Passion of New Eve. The simple qualification for entry to this exalted list is a need to leave me wanting more, grieving at the end as the final words pass before my eyes, and, the essential part, wishing I’d written it. The attribute of ‘greatness’, for me, is not whether it encourages me to rifle a book from cover-to-cover in a single sitting, but rather how it makes me feel during and after reading.

One Sunday afternoon while sitting in my local Sunday Lunch café, a gentleman I’d never spoken to before was moved by my reading of American Gods to walk in off the street and interrupt my perusal of Gaiman’s world. You see, my food had arrived and waited for me on the table. I was letting cool before eating and this guy assumed I’d forgotten my meal in favour of the book. This was some measure of truth in that. I found in American Gods a duality of response: I could neither put the book down, nor read for too long – such were the images and inspirations conjured in my imagination.

I was quite surprised to learn Gaiman had written American Gods in 2001, although the cultural clues were always there. Still, that time before ‘everyone’ got a mobile phone and we lost our youth to that digital hand-held device makes for a glorious realm of conflict and opportunity: the old gods, and ways of life and community, being swept aside by gods of new media, and ways of life and community.

This latter point Gaiman, for me, didn’t delve into in depth. It was just there, happening, stirring into action and building for war. Only, there was a twist to it. That twist was alluded to throughout the the novel with Shadow’s prison-learned skill of coin slights and the deceptions he learns of, takes part in, through Wednesday. However, Gaiman displayed the richness of his imagination and creative abilities in imagining a world and a country forged under the heat of migration, immigration and slavery. I think, possibly, The U.S. has a unique place in this world because of its history. Could Gaiman’s homeland  challenge that? I think I could, but it lacks the geographical expanse in which to wander (Shadow leaves the winter of Lakeside and travels to the spring of Kentucky in a chapter.), and how much of the true Briton remains on these shores?

The answer to that question is probably immaterial in the face of the colour of the narrative and vibrant story-telling offered to the reader in American Gods and it does, for me, remain an inspiration.

Ps, I see a TV series has been created based on the novel. I stress the word ‘based’. It has not been my pleasure to view this offering from Media (I have only read reviews on but I wonder if there won’t be a mass murder of the not so innocent? Who knows? Not me. It’ll be some minor media deity and a TV executive. Perhaps.


Malek Montag

June 2017


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Grant Me My Freedom


Grant me my freedom here that I may wander

under this cloud of twisted green and brown

and coarse lattice sieving out brilliant light

among humanity distilled in a wooden cask

holding the yellow aroma of fire and heat

and charcoal black greed, burning feverishly

with pure power in a crucible marked peace

where corruption shovels in its currency.

Bleed me, feed me and purge my hunger

for happiness while I hang on my rood

under the blazing, unblinking eye through this

swaying canopy, this winking cloak of lethargy.

Help me find solace in the rain of white light,

ease me into redemption and cure me of need,

of the succour of a lover who sees not my equality

but heeds my slavery to her will; who cannot

respect my faults under her judgement. Deliver me

from that cursed heaven, this blighted haven,

the pasture of poison ivy where I lay my weary head.

Give me the keys to the caged door keeping me

bound to her bedpost so that I may walk free

and be one with myself amid these deciduous eaves:

at once the barren skeletal claws of bitter winter;

and the glowing richness of life in beautiful spring;

home to those who sing; shelter to those who burrow;

the walls of my uncommon Hell, the bone carpet

of my darkened dell under twisted green and brown,

my bloodless sacrifice and the thorn of my crown.



Malek Montag

Rochester, June 2017


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My dutiful beautiful eyes


My dutiful beautiful eyes
slept long and dreamed
they were blue as the skies,
yet morning broke it seemed
with my limbs tied in a tapestry
of a long and feted fantasy
where a pungent pink chameleon
dressed in a gaudy green sarong
singing his bawdy, greedy song
sung the raw rhythm of our lives,
of the wombs of his scarlet wives
who lie a-bed in a screeching din
in time and in tune with their sin.
We watch our own crucifixion,
our blood-red penetration,
impaled in rooms behind a bar
where other’s fantasies go far,
as far as their membership,
as they press and push and grip
in squelching and juddering jolts,
in a raping rhythm where time halts
on those grinding bed-springs of lust
with every lick and paid-for thrust.
Now my once dutiful beautiful eyes
struggle with hope yet want to find,
though tinted with blackened dyes,
solace from patriarchal carnal bind.


Malek Montag

Rochester, 2017

@Malek_Montag15 (twitter)

Picture Credit: Oil paintings by Harding-Meyer

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